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Remembering the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor at the Arizona Capitol Museum

PHOENIX – On December 7, the Arizona Capitol Museum will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor with events honoring the 2,403 lives that were lost. 

A ceremony hosted by the Pearl Harbor Observance Committee will take place at Wesley Bolin Plaza beginning with a fly over at 10:55 am, the same time in which Japan launched their attack on Pearl Harbor. Service members, key speakers, and special guests will be in attendance including members from the Arizona Legislature. 

The Arizona Capitol Museum will also broadcast the National Park Service’s 80th National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Commemoration live stream in the Historic Senate during the fly over and various presentations from key speakers. 

In addition to the ceremony, the museum encourages visitors to see the newly polished USS Arizona Silver Service. The USS Arizona Silver Service exhibit features the presentation silver used for special occasions aboard the battleship prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. The museum also has a model replica of the Arizona, a United States flag recovered from the ship’s wreckage, and a piece of the ship itself on display. Historical documentaries about Pearl Harbor will also be showcased in the relic room as well.

“Every seven years, museum staff and volunteers dedicate over 100 hours polishing the USS Arizona Silver Service. The silver service encompasses the ship’s presentation and serving dishes including a coffee urn and water pitcher, punchbowl and goblets, serving platters, candle holders and vases,” says Carissa Whiting, the Arizona Capitol Museum curator. 

Several of the staff, as well as members of the Capitol Museum Guild and volunteers, will be available to answer questions about the USS Arizona collection and exhibit. 

For more information about the museum, please visit: or call 602- 926-3620. 

The Arizona Capitol Museum is located at 1700 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  


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