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Federal and State Contests Accurate on Ballots in all Counties, including Pinal

PHOENIX – Arizona voters can expect secure, accurate elections across the state of Arizona and can be assured that the statewide voter registration database, referred to as AVID, is functioning correctly.

As more details about the incorrect municipal election ballots that resulted from human error in Pinal County becomes available, it is crucial that accurate information about the incident itself, the jurisdictions affected, and the corrective action the county is taking is accessible.

“This is the level of transparency necessary to protect faith in our election processes and our system of government,” Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said.

The Secretary of State’s Office has completed an extensive investigation and has determined that the AVID system, which many counties including Pinal County, use to create election contests for printed ballots, did not contribute to the errors on the ballots in seven Pinal County jurisdictions. In fact, AVID, and all data contained within it, performed accurately, and it continues to be secure and reliable for the 2022 Elections. It is also worth noting that statute requires the Secretary of State’s Office to conduct logic and accuracy tests for state and federal races only. These contests were not affected by this error and are represented accurately on the ballot. Logic and accuracy tests for the local races are conducted by the officer in charge of those elections.   

 “The Pinal County Elections Director David Frisk has been very clear that these issues were the result of human error,” Hobbs said. “The Secretary of State’s Office will continue to support Pinal County in correcting this issue and ensuring that all voters have a chance to cast a ballot in the appropriate elections.”  

Pinal county officials recently announced plans to offer both early and in-person voting options for the municipal elections in the affected jurisdictions. Only Pinal County Voters in the following cities/towns are affected: 

  • Apache Junction  
  • Casa Grande 
  • Eloy 
  • Mammoth 
  • Maricopa (City) 
  • Queen Creek
  • Superior

Voters with additional questions regarding voting in Pinal County should call 520-509-3555 or email [email protected]. Pinal County has a comprehensive FAQ with the latest information at

For up-to-date information about the Primary Election, visit Arizona.Vote or call 1-877-THE-VOTE or 602-542-8683.


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